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BEANGO | SHA | summer 2014 | made in Hungary

THE STORY OF     The creator of the brand, Transylvanian-born fashion designer Bea László studied in Kolozsvár and at the Moholy-Nagy Art College in Budapest. Started in 2008, her blog, has become well known. Her blogging experience was a major factor in the creation of the brand.
Her work got wide spread recognition on many occasions such as the good result at the hungarian television, TV2 talent show “Divatkreátor 2” in 2010, third place at the Triumph Inspiration Award (2012), the jury award at the doll-dressing contest organized by the Dekorszövetség, as well as the category award of the Hong Kong Design a Bag competition (2013).

Self-criticism, irony and rebellion, calmness and madness all in one. These allow moods to become wearable, which is romantic, dreaming and excentric at the same time. The aim is to get on and show all that represents a strong aesthetic value and especically inspiration.” (Beango)

Urban, cool-luxury, sporty elegance, avantgarde, deconstruction and construction: due to the special and at times surprising guidelines, femininity gets a different meaning, it ceases to be fragile, instead it transmits confidence and power, offering a psychological and phyisical sense of comfort. Wearing these clothes takes you to the fashion scene of an international metropolis, as if you were walking the streets of Paris, London or Amsterdam.

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